Andromeda House is the 2nd house of United Kids Club, the main branch of the Kids Next Door Organization of Maldives. Andromeda House ruled since Sagittarius House falled. Andromeda House resembles a galaxy near to our Milky Way while Sagittarius House resembles an archer or a lion. Andromeda House is mixed with boys and girls while Sagittarius House has only boys. Andromeda House has blue and silver while Sagi
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The logo of Andromeda House since 23rd December 2006 to 13th January 2009

ttarius has gold and red. Matched to Harry Potter Movies, Sagittarius House is Gryffindor House, while Andromeda is Ravenclaw. The logos of the houses are:

1. Sagittarius : Lion or an archer

2. Andromeda : Eagle or a galaxy

The MembersEdit

The members of this house verify the opposing adjectives compared to the opposite house. The members are:

1. Aishath Layaal

2. Mohamed Naabith

3. Mohamed Zain

4. Mohamed Naail

5. Mohamed Anoof

6. Hassan Haizam

7. Aminath Shaffafa

8. Aishath Zuha Ali

9. Aishath Zuha Ahmed

10. Aishath Yaana

11. Yashfa Ahmed

12. Abdullah Shahuru

Specific Events (Refer to Sagittarius house information)Edit

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