This is one of the most artistic & entertaining and also the most knowledgeable section of the club. This section is mainly divided into three subsections (CA, CB & CC)

It is this section's responsibility to ensure that the section is well educated, entertained and artistically fashionated.

Section CAEdit

This subsection is about Comedy. The members are:

1. Aishath Yaana

Section CBEdit

This subsection is about Photography. The members are:

1. Aishath Zuha Ahmed

Section CCEdit

This subsection is about Education. The members are:

1. Ibrahim Layaan Riyaz

Posts of the sectionEdit

1. Section Head - Ibrahim Layaan Riyaz

2. Officer - Aishath Yaana

3. Agent - ?

4. Manager - Aishath Zuha Ahmed

5. Secretary - ?