This is 2nd highest ranked section of the club. This section has the power to endure any law with the permitment of Section F. Section D is a twin of Section F. This Section has conjoined subsection as Section F (Supreme Law).

Section DAEdit

This subsection has the response to defend the club. The members are:

1. Zayaan Ahmed

2. Hassan Ahadh

Section DB a.k.a. FBEdit

This subsection is a twin to subsection FB (Supreme Law). The members are:

1. Mohamed Aman


2. Mohamed Shaf'aan

3. Mohamed Aameen Ibn Afdal

Supreme CourtEdit

The Court is to be accomplished on the 19th of May, 2011. It's used to solve problems and give absolute punishment to the right crime or disloyalty and also the Legislature of the club.

Branches of the courtEdit

1. Club Court

2. Criminal Court

3. Islamic Court

Posts of the CourtEdit

1. Chief Judge - Mohamed Shaf'aan / Ahmed Iyaadh (Section F)

2. Legislature executive - Mohamed Aman

3. Court Secretary - Mohamed Aameen Ibn Afdal (Section F)

Posts of the SectionEdit

1. Section Head - Zayaan Ahmed (present) / Yashfa Ahmed (decommisioned)

2. Officer - Mohamed Aman

3. Agent - Hassan Ahadh

4. Manager - ?

5. Secretary - ?