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The Main InformationEdit

The United Kids Club is the main branch of the Kids Next Door Organization of the Maldives. The following table may five you the proper information about this club.

United Kids ClubEdit


United Kids Club, Sector MD


23rd December 2006

Heads of the Club:

Zindh Ahmed (23-12-2006 to 13-08-2008)

Mohamed Naail (14-08-2008 to 15-05-2012)

Aishath Layaal (16-05-2012 to 29-11-2012)

Mohamed Shaf'aan & Mohamed Nabith (30-11-2012)

Deputy Heads (Present):

Official: Ahmed Iyaadh

Assistant Official: Mohamed Zain

Second in command: Ahmed Mifzal

Assistant Second in Command: Zayaan Ahmed

Houses and Heads (Present):Edit
Sagittarius (Red&Gold): Ahmed IyaadhEdit

Andromeda (Silver&Blue): Mohamed Nabith

A - Animal ResourcesEdit

B - Arts, Crafts & Designing

C - Comedy, Education & Photography

D - Defense, Supreme Law & Police Integrity Commision

E - Environment & Global Awareness

F - Islamic Faith, Supreme Law & Faith Awareness

G - Science, Medical & Technology

Section Heads:Edit
A - Mohamed ZainEdit

B - Aishath Layaal

C - Ibrahim Layaan Riyaz

D - Zayaan Ahmed

E - Mohamed Eemaan

F - Ahmed Iyaadh

G - Ahmed Mifzal

Related Clubs:Edit
Conell Zain Animal PreserveranceEdit

Naanu Warfare

N.P.J. Club

Cousins United

Club Motto:Edit
"We Don't buy Superstars! We make them!"Edit
Political Views:Edit
We hate politics!Edit
Club Events:Edit
12th January - Independence DayEdit

4th February - Arts & Crafts Day

23rd February - Animal Resources Day

16th March - Islamic Law Day

31st March - Medical Day

7th April - Health Day

25th April - Sagittarius Anniversary

11th May - Mothers' Day

5th June - Environment Day

27th June - Defensive Event Day

3rd - 5th July - Science Fair

23rd July - Comedy Day

13th August - Democratic Day

20th August - Financial Day

12th September - Andromeda Anniversary

7th October - Warfare Day

16th October Food Day

6th November - Photographic Day

25th November - Club Unity Day

8th December - Educational Day

23rd December - Club Anniversary

Specific Events:Edit
The Brutal War - 18th FebruaryEdit

War of the Phoenix - 18th March

The Sagittarian War - 11th August

The Andromedian War - 13th August

Enemies & AlliesEdit

Members of the Club

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Latest activityEdit

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